Alexa Sheehan- Director, Producer, AD

 As  Assistant Director, Alexa has worked on independent and big budget  films, commercials, television, music videos, web series, and anything  else that comes her way. 


Below are some links to various trailer and teasers of completed projects.

More titles of work history available on IMDB.  Click below:


Fighting With My Family

1st Assistant Director, Orlando Unit

Larry Gaye, Renegade Male Flight Attendant

1st Assistant Director

Too Late

1st Assistant Director (multiple vignettes) Filmed on 35mm and is only 5 long takes, this film was groundbreaking.  Rehearsal time and prep was painstaking and rewarding.


1st Assistant Director- 1st Season

Any Day

1st Assistant Director

Kiss Me

 1st Assistant Director

This beautiful coming-of-age film directed by Jeff Probst was an emotional rollercoaster, and very rewarding. 

Angel of Death

 1st Assistant Director- First season.  Based on Ed Brubaker's graphic novels

Fear Factor 2.0

 Shooting  the return of Fear Factor was unlike any other job I have ever done.   Nominated for a DGA award for reality series, it was intense and an  eye-opening experience. 

Easy to Assemble

 1st Assistant Director- Multiple seasons

Fact Checkers Unit

 1st Assistant Director- First season

(at 7 months pregnant, too!) 

Married Young

1st Assistant Director

Kill Speed (aka Fast Glass)

 As 2nd Assistant Director, this was a very challenging and rewarding shoot. 

A Love Song for Babby Long

 Shot on location in New Orleans, this film was a labor of love with an amazing cast. 


 I was lucky enough to be the 2nd AD on this groundbreaking horror film 

The Job

2nd Assistant Director- Filmed in Detroit

On The Lot BTS- Alexa (Motley) Sheehan

 Years  ago on the DreamWorks reality show for film directors entitled, "On the Lot,"  I  was in charge of running the set for whichever contestant was not  eliminated the previous episode.  Here is an interview...